Carbon Dioxide Treatment (CO2)

As part of the ROCA ECO area we present our integral ecological conservation system. A complete solution for stockage, product distribution and treatment of insects that affect stored products.

Advantages of ecological conservation with Carbon Dioxide Treatment

This conservation treatment has great advantages that we detail below:

  • Increase the shelf life of the product.
  • Preserve the quality of food.
  • It does not use pesticides or pollutants.
  • It implies economic benefits.
  • It is a sustainable and ecological system.
  • It offers greater stock and distribution flexibility.
  • Eliminates insect pests from stored products.

How does our conservation system work?

  • Oxygen (O2): Reducing the CO2 treatment of the container, the proliferation of microorganisms is inhibited, thus extending the storage life of products such as food.
  • Nitrogen (N2): It is an inert gas that displaces oxygen and inhibits reactions. The N2 prevents the oxidation of vitamins, color, aroma and fats, and inhibits the growth of aerobic bacteria.
  • Carbonic anhydride (CO2): Due to its bacteriostatic and fungistatic properties, it reduces the proliferation of bacteria and molds. Easily absorbed by water and fats, it is therefore effective in most products.

Integral bioconservation system through CO2 treatment

In ROCA Defisan we work with a bioprotective packaging that extends the life of your products. The Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) system is a conservation technique that, as we have told you, extends the shelf life of products without the need for preservatives or chemicals. This system replaces the air inside the container with natural gases such as O2, CO2 or N2, avoiding pests, fungi, moisture, oxidation, etc. In addition, with this packaging it is not necessary to modify the current filling line. It has connection to the container, control of final parameters, possibility of reminder treatment. It is easily installed in any area at the end of the line and has a vacuum / injection combination according to the indicated parameters.

Carbon Dioxide Treatment by ROCA Defisan

ROCA Applicator Technicians are specialized in Co2 Treatment with this system. With portable equipment through which they can treat the goods in the most comfortable and fast way possible in their facilities, with the possibility of instant storage of the merchandise.

Eliminate insects from your merchandise and keep them for longer stored thanks to the exclusive treatment of ROCA Defisan technicians.

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