Fumigation of containers

Safety standards based on official regulations.
Our widely distributed network allows for our fumigation services to be offered at any container terminal.

Our treatments are of highest quality and meet all international phytosanitary regulations. We thus offer the safest conditions while carrying out:

  • Port2Port fumigation
  • Fumigation via Sleeves (FUMIDEX (R))
  • Ventilation and degassing of containers


Our precise dosing and distribution of Aluminium Phosphide and Magnesium Phosphide guarantee a very safe and affordable treatment for international in-transit merchandise.


Its rapid diffusion and absence of odor make it an ideal fumigant for spraying nuts, woods. Above all, for limited exposure terms.

Leave container fumigation in the hands of our professionals in fumigation and pest control. Stop worrying about the appearance of unexpected and undesirable pests. Contact us to learn more about our services and the way we work at ROCA Defisan.

fumigacion contenedores roca defisan